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  • College Coaches Showcase?
    Don't miss out on the largest Coaches Showcase in the Southeast! Please hover over "Current Training" and choose "College Coaches Showcase" for more details.
  • Calendar?
    Hover over one of the club names, example "AP", then click "Calendar".
  • Spirit Pack Questions?
    If you have an issue with your delivered Spirit Pack, please send an email to to speak with the Team Sales customer service representative.
  • Tryouts?
    All tryouts are scheduled for the week of July 22-27. More details will be out soon.
  • Private or Group Lessons?
    Hover over "Current Training" then click "Lessons".
  • Summer Camp Series?
    Hover over "Current Training" and select "Summer Camps".
  • CLVP?
    We're so excited to be a part of starting the CLVP! Please visit to find out more about the Champions League Volleyball Project.
  • My child is trying out for multiple clubs in the area. When do we have to let you know we accept?
    Unlike most clubs in the area, we are governed by AAU/JVA not USAV. This means, we are not limited to a September 1 commitment date, as USAV clubs are. This being said, our club commitment date is August 4 by 8pm. Please understand that by not committing by the deadline, you give up your spot in the club for the season.
  • My child is playing school ball. How can she practice with her club during this time?
    Alabama Performance abides by AHSAA rules. We will have no practices during the school season (Aug 7 - Nov 2).
  • What is the schedule for AP teams this season?
    You can find our tentative schedule here. Please note: this schedule is tentative for two main reasons. All 2023-2024 season tournaments have not been posted for registration at this time. We have chosen tournaments that usually do not overlap, but anything can happen. Final dates will be posted once tournament registration has opened. We may not be accepted to a tournament, forcing us to choose a replacement tournament.
  • What is in the Player/Parent Contract?
    Our Player/Parent Contract is a document requiring a signature from a parent and their player, given to the club at the beginning of season, and upheld throughout the season. We realize that Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy is an excellent program and we pledge our financial support for the entire season, even if the player chooses to leave the program. If the player decides not to participate in the club season after the start of the program, a written notice needs to be sent to her age group director or through team-mail or dropped off in the office with the last date of participation. You will still be financially responsible for all outstanding fees. We realize that using illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco could result in an athlete’s dismissal from the Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy program. We will be positive and refrain from any public outburst that could be viewed as detrimental to our child, the coaches, and teammates for the Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy program. We also have the right to expect the same courtesy from Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy staff members. We also agree to handle any and all complaints in a professional manner and will observe a 24-hour policy before responding. All problems should be addressed to the age group Master Coach. We realize that there will be tournaments that are required outside of the Birmingham area and that by playing for Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy the player is required to attend. We understand that the player is responsible for all of her travel costs unless otherwise noted by Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy. We understand that during all tournaments the player will eat team meals if and when determined by the coach as well as be present at any and all team meetings. If the player is traveling with the club on out of town tournaments and you sign the player up to travel with Alabama Performance, you, the parent, are fully responsible for paying those travel fees, even if you cancel and the deadline for refund by the hotel, bus company, rental car company, or airlines has passed. If we have made different payment arrangements with the club than normal payment arrangements, we understand that we are responsible for participating in fundraisers. Practice and Tournament Protocol Practices are mandatory. If you cannot attend practice, you must email your Master Coach immediately. Only seniors are allowed to miss practice for Prom, 1 day only. All other prom activities must be attended on your own time. You are not allowed to miss any other practices or tournaments for prom. All players will have pre-practice or post-practice work duty. Players will observe Lombardi time whenever possible (15 minutes early). Gum, jewelry, make-up, and nail polish are not part of the practice or match uniform. We want you to be respected for what you are, not how you look. All athletes will remain at tournaments until the last Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy team is finished. If there are two waves, then it will be by the wave. This is a 15+ year tradition and one of which we are very proud. Exceptions: Playing in Gold on the last day of a tournament or the AAU National Championships when teams will need to leave the gym to eat or get to bed for an early match the next day. These instances will be handled on a case by case basis. The Master Coaches will be in contact with the teams in their age group to make these decisions. If tournament play is in a wave, it will be based on the end of the wave. If you are in a play-in match for Gold, you can leave and come back for that match. 6/7/8th grade teams, if playing on Sunday night with school the next day, may be released prior to the last Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy team completing play. Volleyball shoes are to be worn ONLY in the gym and NEVER outside. All players will be involved in weight training or conditioning and will be expected to keep themselves in excellent shape at all times. Players will be given detailed information regarding proper recovery and nutrition. For athletes 7th-12th grades, four study days will be allowed to complete homework and prepare for finals and mid-terms. These study days can be taken during any practice days, but not on Friday/Saturday/Sunday while traveling. Training in practice is equal for all players. Playing time in competition is earned with the understanding that Alabama Performance/Birmingham Elite/Performance Youth Academy will do everything it can to make sure all players are given the opportunity to showcase their skills during competition. The player will be expected to attend practice on a regular basis and if she is injured or continually absent, then playing time could be affected. We will not discuss why or how teams were selected. We work very hard to make the right choices regarding team selection for every team and player. WE also reserve the right to make changes to rosters if we see that a team or individual player can benefit from a possible roster change. We ask that you never approach a coach in regards to playing time at a tournament. Please contact your age group director to discuss this matter after the 24-hour period as stated in rule #3. NEVER approach a line judge, official, or scorekeeper before, during, or after a match. This will result in an immediate removal from the playing facility and suspension from future tournaments.
  • If you're not starting practices in August, why are you having early tryouts?
    July tryouts are the norm amongst volleyball clubs across the country. AP held tryouts in July for the first time in 2022 in an effort to move the state of Alabama along in the volleyball world. This year, all clubs in the area are having tryouts early. Our early tryouts eliminate stress in multiple places. We no longer have to stress about hosting tryouts across 3 clubs all at the same time. You, as a parent, are able to spread out your season payments from August to June instead of having them from November to June. We eliminate the rush for gear by getting it to you prior to season practices starting.
  • What if my player doesn't make AP?
    If a middle school or 9th/10th grader doesn't make the club, they will be offered a position in BE. This will be emailed to you directly at the conclusion of AP commitment. Unfortunately, BE doesn't have teams for 11th/12th graders.
  • What is Alabama Performance?
    This program welcomes advanced volleyball players, Grade 7-12, with a desire to play collegiately. The atmosphere is focused and driven with a high level of expectation for every athlete. We compete against the most successful, and the best level of clubs in the country. The location of our tournaments is dictated by the pull of college coaches. We go where they go, which has provided a path for hundreds of girls to receive college scholarships. ​ Alabama Performance has won four National Championships, the latest in June 2023, and has had numerous All-Americans and JVA watch list players. This list continues to grow as the talent and the skill grows.
  • When are AP Tryouts?
    Ap Tryouts will take place over two weeks from July 24 to August 3, 2023. Each athlete will only have to attend one tryout, not multiple. Age divisions are separated as follows: AP Middle School: Monday, July 24 or July 31 Registration: 5pm Tryouts 6-8pm AP High School 9-10 Grade: Wednesday, July 26 or August 2 Registration: 5pm Tryouts 6-8:30pm AP High School 111-12 Grade: Thursday, July 27 or August 3 Registration: 5pm Tryouts: 6-8:30pm We will have scheduled MAKE-UP tryouts on Saturday, July 29. Option 1: Registration: 11am Tryouts: 11:30am-1pm Option 2: Registration: 6pm Tryouts: 6:30-8pm If either of these scheduled make-up times do not work for you, we will hold make-up tryouts on July 25 and August 1 by appointment only. Please e-mail to schedule a tryout for one of these days.
  • What is the practice schedule for the year?
    AP practice schedule has not been finalized for this season. In the past, AP schedule has been as follows: Monday: AP MS 5:30-8:30pm, AP HS 4-6pm Tuesday: AP HS 4:30-7:30pm Wednesday: AP MS 5:30-8:30pm Thursday: AP HS 4:30-7:30pm
  • How do we commit to AP?
    All players who tryout will be notified of the posting of tryout results no later than 8am on August 4. Tryout results will be posted on our website as a list of numbers. When you find your tryout number, you'll click the "Commit" button and fill out our commitment form electronically.
  • What is Birmingham Elite?
    Birmingham Elite (BE) offers top-notch training and volleyball instruction for players Grade 7-10, beginner to advanced. The season usually runs November to March. BE receives the same style training AP receives. BE is geared towards players who are involved in multiple extra-curricular activities. The season is shorter, there is less practice week to week (compared to AP), travel is less extensive, and the overall price of the season is less.
  • What sets BE apart from other clubs in the area?
  • What is Performance Youth Academy?
    A volleyball career starts with our Performance Youth Academy (PYA) for Grade 6 & Under. The program accepts all athletes who come through tryouts with a clear understanding that children develop at different times and in different ways. With this philosophy we work hard to teach each player ALL skills, with no one position assigned to any player. We all set, we all hit, we all pass, we all serve. The players will be taught various offenses and perimeter defense in preparation of school tryouts. The athletes will finish the season with a clear understanding of the game, using a heavy ball, and prepared for their own school’s tryouts. Once these athletes are graduating Grade 6, we help them choose which path to take in their volleyball career. Either join our nationally competitive gym at Alabama Performance for players Grade 7-12, or join our Birmingham Elite gym.
  • What sets PYA apart from other clubs in the area?
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