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Physical Therapy
Strength & Conditioning


M3Performace and Physical Therapy is proud to partner with Alabama Performance (AP) to help prepare players to execute AP’s mission.  Our team will work in collaboration with the AP staff to maintain an environment that motivates, supports, and inspires each player to be their best.  The M3 process looks at how each player moves and builds training programs that strengthens the key elements needed for overall athleticism and volleyball. 


We will execute around the following areas based on our core competency:

  • Physical Therapy

    • Evaluations

    • Consultations (complimentary)

    • Treatment

    • Focus on injury prevention -> rehabilitation -> return to play -> performance

    • Access to our Saturday and after hours Physical Therapy program.

  • Recovery

    • Gameready

    • Firefly

    • Normatec

    • Dry Needling

    • Mobility sessions

    • Recovery massage

    • Assisted stretching

  • Training

    • Long Term Athletic Development

    • Movement Screens

    • Nutrition Consulting

    • Health and Wellness Coaching

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