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VolleyTots & RisingStars 2023 Spring Sessions


VolleyTots & RisingStars are introductions to all things fun and volleyball. Kids who want to learn the basics of volleyball and improve their overall body mechanics and athleticism while surrounded by a fun and engaging environment are encouraged to join! We will split up by age group: VolleyTots (age 4-7) & RisingStars (age 8-11). Practices will have stations prepared with a specific skill/movement as the focus and players will progress through the stations throughout practice. RisingStars will be slightly more advanced than VolleyTots and will incorporate all skills training similar to our 12U PYA program practices.

VolleyTots (ages 4-7) 

VolleyTots is a motor development program centered around developing quickness, jumping, overall coordination/agility, hand-eye skills, and throwing ability. The training takes place in a program where the emphasis is on "FUNdamentals".


RisingStars (ages 8-11)

At this level players begin to develop the foundation skills for volleyball including underhand passing, overhead passing, attacking and serving. Small sided drills and games are used to maximize high quality repetition. We want each player to learn each skill equally well and avoid any and all specialization at this age.


$120 for ALL sessions

(includes 1 practice shirt)


$20 drop-in sessions

May 2, 4, 11, 16, 18, 30 & June 1

@ the Finley Center

5:00 - 6:00pm

May 7 & 21

@ the PVC


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