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Beach Volleyball Court

As the landscape of volleyball continues to change, along with the number of beach scholarships available, we're switching up Performance Beach as well. Beach volleyball is the fastest growing collegiate sport, having grown by 50% in just 2 years, and now boasts 93 collegiate volleyball programs, a historically unprecedented growth. 

Beach volleyball used to be just a great way to cross-train for indoor volleyball, but now that it is recognized as a NCAA sport with a National Championship, many girls are turning to becoming dedicated beach players. Here at Performance Beach, we're excited to start a new journey promoting dedicated beach players along with cross-training indoor players.

In the past few years, we've seen a distinct three classifications of beach players:

  1. Dedicated beach players who have no desire to play indoor volleyball. These players have the desire to play collegiate beach volleyball only.

  2. Players, particularly younger players, who play indoor and beach volleyball equally and haven't decided which sport they want to focus on playing or want to play both sports collegiately.

  3. Dedicated indoor players who see the value of cross-training on the beach to better develop their overall skills and improve their agility/speed and overall volleyball intelligence.

We are using our observations and research from the past few years to better the Performance Beach program as a whole.

We will be offering monthly and season packages this beach season. There will be no tryouts, but players can join as a team or find someone within the program to join in a tournament. Tournaments are not required, but are offered for anyone who would like to participate. You can find all the details specific to age groups on the "Rookies" and "Juniors" pages.


We're so happy to announce Coach Rocky Mayo as the new Performance Beach Coordinator. Coach Rocky grew up playing beach volleyball in Southern California ranging from the sands of Manhattan Beach to Santa Barbara.  After finishing his indoor career at UC Santa Barbara, Coach Rocky started training with pro-level coaches at East Beach, Santa Barbara where Olympic gold medalists Karch Kiraly and Todd Rogers started their careers. 


He has had the privilege of both playing for the AVP and EVP in doubles beach volleyball bi-coastally as well as coaching for men and women ranging in skills from beginner to professional.  He has been coached by the best in the sport and strives to teach the same skills and principles he was taught and has experienced for over 25 years.


He loves the sport and enjoys seeing a player fall in love with beach volleyball as well.  Whether it is a player looking to cross-train for their indoor game, or it is someone who wants to grow as a dedicated beach volleyball player, Coach Rocky believes there are numerous benefits for mind, body, and soul that can come from playing/training beach volleyball.


He is very much looking forward to this opportunity to come alongside anyone that wants to grow as an athlete and person in one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. 

Coach Dailey and Coach Ashleigh Garrard will be assisting, along with coaches Kyra Hunter and Morgan Hubbard.

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