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2024 JVA Tournaments

mc madness

Tournament Playing Site - Cashless Facility

Finley Center, Hoover, Alabama

5508 Stadium Trace Parkway

Hoover, AL 35244


WAVES: (We will update this closer to the tournament date) 



Spectator admission is $15/day (plus tax and fees). Children 10 and under are free. Online sales are subject to additional fees.

  • Armbands will be sold on-site on Saturday at the main entrance starting at 7 am. The doors will not open prior to this time. 

  • PRESALE tickets can be purchased via payment link here: (Will update with link closer to time. Please check back.) 


Coaches and athletes will be asked to enter the building through a side door to the right near the RV side. Please make sure that you follow the A-Frame signs directing you where to go.  



Our certified trainers, provided by Drayer Physical Therapy, will be present during all of our hosted events. Please look for them in the front corner behind Court 1 through the glass doors. This is on the opposite side of the gym from the meeting rooms and long hallway.



Please view all brackets online at  Brackets will populate after wave play is complete and results verified Saturday evening. Please be certain to check your results and the schedule before leaving the Finley Center. We will call/text any coaches with any last-minute changes IF we have their cell numbers on the roster.



Be sure you know your team’s officiating duties for pool play and bracket play on Saturday. Some teams will have to ref the match prior to playing for the 8 am matches. Please have your team AND coach on the court by 7:40 am. Failure to be on time can result in sanctions (points lost in your next match). If you miss your assignment, you may forfeit your next match. Once bracket play begins, if you lose you WILL ref the next match. Failure to remain and the ref will result in the team and/or club sanctions. 


  1. Music and cell phones are NOT allowed while working the score table. 

  2. No snacks/drinks ON the score table. 

  3. A coach/team rep needs to remain at the table for 14U, and at the court for 15U and up. If requested by the referee, even coaches for older teams may be asked to stay at the score table if they feel it is necessary.

  4. Teams are responsible for providing a down ref, bookkeeper, score flipper/BallerTv scorer, and line judges. 

  5. Please make sure players are not using the BallerTv chargers to charge their cell phones they shouldn't have any way at the table. 

  6. There is an instruction "cheat" sheet for BallerTv iPads on each score table. Reffing teams must use the BallerTv iPad to score each match along with the score flipper.


Facility Rules: 

  • No outside food or coolers are allowed in the Finley Center. 

  • No team food tables are allowed inside the hallways. 

  • The food court offers a variety of food options and can be found down the long hallway behind the blue doors. CREDIT CARD ONLY

  • Players will be allowed to bring water/sports drinks in their bags. 

  • No outside chairs or seating is allowed to be brought into the facility.

Please ask your players to bring closed top-style sports bottles. No Stanleys or any cup with a lid/straw. We are having too many spills on benches during matches.



Lost and found box is located at the tournament desk by courts 8/10. All unclaimed items are donated to charity after Sunday night.



No teams may camp out (bags, blankets, pillows) in the concession/food court area, on the track, or in the halls.



Gold Division champions in each age division will receive awards at the tournament desk. 



BallerTV will be used at all tournaments hosted by Alabama Performance.

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