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Program Structure

College Prep

(High School)

College Prep program is for high school students Grade 9-12. 

Scholastic Prep

(Middle School)

Scholastic Prep program is for middle school students Grade 7 & 8

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Youth Academy program is for players Grade 6 and under.

'Commitment to Excellence'

Desire is the key to motivation, but it is a determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek.


Alabama Performance embodies this ideal in everything we do!



(as of 2022-2023)

19th Year

Julie Dailey – Ranked as one of the top 5 Club Directors in the Country – 2019


Shelbie Dailey – AVCA 30 Under 30 Indoor Coach Recipient – 2019

                           AVCA 30 Under 30 Beach Coach Recipient – 2021


3 AAU Gold National Championships 2011, 2017, 2019

6 AAU Gold 2nd Place Finishes 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 (2)

5 AAU Gold 3 Place Finishes 2014, 2017, 2018, 2022


245 Alumni to Play Collegiate Volleyball

41 Universities and Colleges attended by alumni

Over 22 million in athletic scholarships All American Senior Aces: Olivia Dailey, Kelsey Bivins, Lacey Jeffcoat, Merritt Beason, Gabbi Essix


23 AAU All Americans



31 AAU Academic All Americans


121 JVA All American Watch List Players


5 JVA All Americans


5 JVA Academic All Americans


212 AVCA Phenom Award Winners


7 Players Named to the USA National HP Beach Program


13 Players Named to the JVA All American Beach Watch List


51 Teams to Qualify for AAU Beach Nationals


29 Teams to Qualify for USAV Beach Nationals


1 Louisiana Collegiate Player of the Year – Blessing Dunn


Alumni College All–Americans: Khat Bell, Krystal Rivers, Leslie Bemis, Elizabeth Neisler, Olivia Dailey, Kelsey Bivins


Alumni Players on the USA National Team: Khat Bell, Krystal Rivers, Gabbi Essix, Merritt Beason


Alumni Players in USA National HP Program: Khat Bell, Shelbie Dailey, Krystal Rivers, Olivia Dailey, Hannah Kate Thompson, Merritt Beason, Gabbi Essix


Class of 2023


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"The Alabama Performance Difference"

Our Club Director Julie Dailey has over 35 years of coaching experience. Alabama Performance team coaches have either been highly successful college volleyball players, college coaches and/or have finished over 100 hours of Alabama Performance coaching certification. All coaches in our program are 'Impact Certified', 'Sports Performance Coaches Program Certified' and will have completed 40 hours of 'Alabama Performance Coach Development'. We have highly specialized coaches with an extensive background in volleyball as well as a minimum of 400 hours of coaching known as "Master Coaches". We have five master coaches in the gym with your child at any given practice. Your child will receive correct fundamental training with an emphasis on the technical aspects of each individual skill. Our coaches are trained and experienced enough to correct technical issues and rebuild them correctly. Each team is assured a coach with an extensive physical and technical background who is able to prepare our athletes for the next step in their volleyball career. Players are taught team offensive and defensive schemes to have them completely prepared for high level national competition. There must be a “systematic” approach of instruction to training with large groups for personal as well as team growth, that is what Alabama Performance excels with.

If you are interested in coaching for us:

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Alabama Performance has partnered with ICL Academy, the nation's premier online private high school (Grade 7-12) for high performers. Our athletes are eligible for accelerated admissions and scholarship opportunities.

How We Communicate

Coaches will communicate most information directly to players in person or with GroupMe. As a club, we use the following methods to share important news, alerts or updates for parents and players:

Email, Website, Facebook, Instagram

Please note when there are schedule changes, emails supersede everything else until the information trickles to the rest of our channels.

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